ORDER is excited to announce we will be hosting the upcoming Oceanic Teamfight Tactics Fates Regional series. A new TFT competitive format that gives players more chances to compete, climb, and reach the TFT OCE Regional Finals. 

There are multiple ways to qualify for the OCE Regional Finals, including ladder snapshots, a new qualifier points system and multiple open qualifier events.

There will be three qualifier events, leading up to the TFT OCE Regional Finals:

  • Regional Qualifier Series
    • TFT OCE Qualifier 1 on January 15-17
    • TFT OCE Qualifier 2 on February 12-14
  • TFT Last Chance Open Qualifier March 6-7

Each Regional Qualifier event will feature a prize pool of $3500 AUD.

Each Regional Qualifiers Series event will have multiple options for player qualification:

  • Players can qualify from the preceding Qualifier event (except for Qualifier 1)
  • Players can qualify from weekly TFT ladder snapshots
  • Players can qualify from open qualifier brackets

Ladder snapshots will begin Wednesday January 13th at 12:01AM AEDT and will continue on a weekly basis until the last snapshot on March 10 at 12:01AM AEDT. Find more info on the ladder page. 

These events will culminate in the TFT OCE Regional Finals, taking place on March 11-14.

The TFT OCE Regional Finals will have four options for player qualification:

  • 16 players - TFT ladder snapshots
  • 8 players - players with the best performance from the Qualifier events will qualify directly via cumulative point totals across Qualifier 1 & 2
  • 4 players - winners of TFT OCE Qualifier 2 on February 5-7
  • 4 players - Last Chance Open Qualifier on March 1-7

The TFT OCE Regional Finals will feature a prize pool of $6500 AUD and the winner will qualify into the next TFT World Finals. 

Please note that a player can only qualify for Finals through one of the above categories. If a player qualifies in multiple categories, they will only be counted once and their spot in the remaining categories will go to the player with the next best record in their second form of qualification. The hierarchy of qualification methods starts with Qualifier 2 winners, and proceeds to cumulated points, ladder snapshots, and finally, the Last Chance Open Qualifier.

More information about all the qualification methods can be found in Riot's official post here.

The Open Qualifier for qualification into the second Regional Qualifier event will run on Sunday 7th February. Registrations are open right now and will close on Sunday 7th February at 5.50pm AEDT.

TFT OCE Open Qualifier 2 - Sunday 7th February

  • Check-in open 5pm AEDT
  • Check-in close 5.50pm AEDT
  • Lobbies created and posted at 5.50pm AEDT
  • Tournament start 6pm AEDT

Register now for the second open qualifier: Sign up

Full format/rules: OCE TFT Open Qualifier Rules/Format

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