Official Set 7 Championship Points Leaderboard


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How it works

Brand new for set 7 is the championship points system. This aims to reward the most consistent players over the course of both set 7 and 7.5, with a special focus on tournament performances.

Rewarding consistency and tournament performance was some of the most common feedback from players during the Gizmos & Gadgets series, here’s how it will work.

Competitors will be awarded championship points based on their placement in the following events:

  • Set 7 Snapshot points
  • Set 7 Challenger Series
  • Mid-Set Invitational
  • Set 7.5 Snapshot points
  • Regional Finals

Each event as the set progresses will be worth more and more points, putting greater emphasis on your performance in later events. The challenger snapshots each week will also award points to your championship points leaderboard.

The player with the most championship points at the end of the Regional Finals will receive the second seed directly into the set 7 world championship.

Any further questions, jump into the Discord and ask an Admin!