Official Set 5 Ladder Leaderboard


Last snapshot taken - Wednesday 30th June 12:01 AEDT.

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How it works

Every Wednesday at 12:01AM AEDT a snapshot of the Oceanic ranked ladder will be taken. These snapshots have now begun and the last one will be taken on June 30.

The top 75 players on the ranked ladder that have played a minimum of 10 games for that weekly period will be given a score of 75 to 1.

If a player within the top 75 does not reach the 10 game minimum their points will be allocated to the next highest ranked player that has completed the 10 minimum games required for that week.

Rank 1 will receive 75 points, the points will then reduce by 1 for each rank until 75 players have been given scores.

Rank 1 - 75 points
Rank 2 - 74 points
Rank 3 - 73 points
Rank 73 - 3 points
Rank 74 - 2 points
Rank 75 - 1 point

We’ll be calling on the ladder leaderboard for 32 invites to the Reckoning Mid-Set Invitational.

The rules for snapshots will be the same as before, but like our NA brothers we’ll be dropping every player’s lowest week to help out competitors who suffer a rough patch.

Any further questions, jump into the Discord and ask an Admin!